Let’s come together in fellowship and prayer to collectively pray, worship and listen as we seek God’s will for the future of this region!

We encourage you to participate in a Spokane Regional Leaders Prayer Summit for kingdom leaders of Spokane and the Inland Northwest, starting at 10 AM Monday, and ending with lunch on Wednesday, October 13-15, 2014 at Ross Point, Post Falls, ID. This is not a conference. There will be no special speakers. Simply, this is an opportunity for kingdom leaders to find rest and refreshment in God’s presence. Tom White of Frontline Ministries, Oregon, will guide open sessions of worshiping and waiting on the Lord. Our aim is threefold: 1) to seek that “one thing” David cried out for (Ps. 27:4), and the “one thing” in Mary’s life Jesus commended (Lu. 10:42), 2) to build deeper, abiding friendships in Jesus’ love, and 3) to ask God to release vision for collaborating together in advancing His kingdom in our region.

Spokane Prayer Summit







Dr. Joe Aldrich, founder of the Prayer Summit movement, and former President of Multnomah Bible College and Seminary in Portland, Oregon, gives us this definition of a Summit: “A prolonged, life-changing worship experience attended by a diversity of Christian leaders from a specific community or region, whose singular purpose is to seek God’s kingdom, with the expectation that He will bring them into increased humility, which will lead to a unity of heart, mind, and mission, and qualify them for an outpouring of God’s commanded blessing (Ps. 133). We believe we are in the midst of an historic, Spirit-initiated restoration of the geographic integrity of the one Church in a city or regional context (Jo. 17:21-23; Eph. 4:1-6; 1 Pet. 2:4, 5; Rom. 1:7).

We envision leaders laboring cooperatively to shepherd and disciple souls in a city or region. We believe God desires not only to revive us individually, but also to transform our social institutions. While there are many modes and models of transformation, we believe that a core of committed leaders in a city or region can join together to build a movement of prayer that is Christ-centered, Spirit-led, and sustainable over time. One Church, expressed through a diversity of congregations and ministries, touching a city with the power of the gospel.

A Leaders Prayer Summit provides time for leaders to meaningfully connect with God and one another. He is gracious to refresh weary hearts, and re-kindle vision. Might He be leading us to lay down our own best labors, and let Him show us how we can more effectively impact the Spokane region? Please plan to participate for the entire Summit. This is not a come-and-go event. During such prolonged time, God brings us to a deeper brokenness and transparency. Over two decades, numerous cities around the world have hosted a Leaders Prayer Summit gathering, or its equivalent. We are seeing God birth sustainable models of collaboration: sharing the good news and doing the good deeds of the gospel.  Please register today at www.spokaneprayersummit.org. You won’t be disappointed.

Yours and Christ’s,

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Spokane Regional Leaders Prayer Summit