Prayer requests for our Community Riverfront Park

Let’s make the message of the Gospel and salvation for the lost be above all and in every request.

Pray for fresh vision and grace for pastors and ministry leaders as 2016 begins.
Pray for God’s people to be “one in Christ,” so that the world will know and believe in Jesus.
Pray for children’s, youth and college ministries to be empowered to reach out and to disciple young people.
Pray for the leadership teams of churches and ministries to be unified and to work in harmony together.
Pray for greater love & respect among pastors, leaders & churches, so that we would be known for our love.

Pray for God’s wisdom and insight to be upon administrators and teachers as they prepare for post-Christmas break.
Pray for safe and positive learning environments for all levels of education.
Pray for more youth pastors and youth ministries to be on the school campuses.
Pray for Christ followers to have greater connections with one another at all of our school campuses.
Pray for God to send more ministries to each college campus & for there to be more fellowship among Jesus-followers there.
Pray for school (college & local public schools) administrators to have integrity & wisdom as they make decisions on staffing and class sizes.

Pray for husbands to make God the center of their lives, marriages and families.
Pray for our communities’ abortion rate to decrease and for the adoption rate to increase.
Pray for a turning of the hearts of parents to their children and of the hearts of the kids to their parents.
Pray that parents would engage relationally with their kids and become students of who they are.
Pray for families to thrive physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally in our community, and that they would reach out to help single parents.

Pray for our elected leaders to have God’s wisdom and discernment for projects, policies and future plans.
Pray that God would raise-up the next leaders: mayors, city, county & state officials.
Pray for respectful and more fruitful collaboration, communication and coordination among all of the various government agencies and jurisdictions in our community.
Pray for clear communication and harmony between the government and business sectors.
Pray for homeless veterans to find homes, healing, jobs and well being.
Pray for city and county leaders to provide awareness and solutions to shepherd those struggling with mental illness.
Pray for the personal safety, and emotional well-being of those serving in our military.

Pray for the government & business relationship to be respectful and productive for a strong local economy.
Pray for local core businesses to be financially blessed so that they can provide health care & other benefits.
Pray for the downtown core: Light, peace and the Gospel to penetrate the dark places.
Pray for Christ-following business leaders to lead with Christ-like integrity & honor the Lord in their businesses.
Pray for the creation of “above average median” jobs in our community & an increase in the living wage.

Pray for the Christ-following artists to step out into their gifting as artists and to impact our community.
Pray for the farmer’s markets to be filled with God’s Spirit and for His people to participate artistically.
Pray for all Christ following artists to lovingly infiltrate art shows, galleries, & marketplaces.
Pray for writers and musicians to be inspired by the Lord, to discover the Lord in their writing and to be bold in written and musical expressions of faith.

Health Care
Pray for our hospitals: for encouragement and harmony among administrators and employees in creating positive and healing environments.
Pray for health care providers to have joy and peace in their heavy work load, and to provide their best care.
Pray for Biblical ethics for doctors, nurses, administrators and staff of our local health care system.
Pray for Christian doctors: to be bold in sharing their faith, to learn how to pray with their patients and to seek the spiritual health of their patients. Pray for them to mentor younger doctors, nurses and staff.

First Responders
Pray for the personal safety of those serving in our police and fire departments, and all EMTs.
Pray for the emotional well-being of the families of EMT, police, and fire department servants.
Pray for God to expose evil intent, defuse murderous intent and violent acts, replacing them with peace.
Pray for community support in the police, and sheriff departments.
Pray for God to give wisdom and strategy to all mental health services in our community.

Pray for the Christ followers to be employed and engaged in local media: newspaper, T.V., radio, etc..
Pray for uplifting & encouraging stories to be highlighted daily & for Christ-like testimonies to be reported.
Pray for clear and truthful reporting in all sectors of local media: TV, paper, radio, internet, and advertising.
Pray for encouragement, job security and peace for those in media.

Pray for all types of coaches: Kid Sports, SYSA, YMCA, Middle School, High School, and College: for God’s hand to empower them to teach, encourage and to positively develop character in athletes.
Pray for God to highlight virtue in all athletics and for God to neutralize negative messages and agendas.
Pray for Christ honoring coaches to have favor and more of them to be recruited at every scholastic level including at Whitworth, EWU, SCC/SFCC, Gonzaga, and WSU.
Pray for role model athletes to be strengthened and to have great influence on other athletes.