If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land;
~ Isaiah 1:19

This was written by God through Isaiah as part of an indictment against Israel for their meaningless offerings. As Wiersbe says “their garden city had become another Sodom and Gomorrah (vs 7-9)”

Childrens ministry, womens ministry, ushering, bake sales, youth group, the worship team, church maintenance, discipleship, the list is so long. Are pastors, churches, and believers stretched thin today? Without question! If you are a pastor, ministry leader, or simply involved in ministry serving the Body of Christ, then you are the “willing and obedient.” Thank you for that and God bless you.


I was recently given a Barna research statistic that is striking:

8% of the believers sitting in our pews are actively involved in ministry (beyond the occasional bake sale). Think about that number – 8%. To say that conversely, 92% of the believers sitting in our pews are not involved in church ministry. They come to church on the weekend, and go home to live out the other 6.5 days just living and working.

As a community, are we eating “the good of the land”? I would suggest the answer is not positive. How many of you reading this know of a local church that has been broken into and burglarized recently? I’ve heard about two in the last month, and several this year. Our community is struggling in so many ways. The world around us continues to decline. Yet, the 92% come to church every week, get fed, and go home.

Our mission at the GSAE is to “coordinate with Inland Northwest churches, businesses, and ministries to use the resources of our local churches to foster disciple-making in our communities.” It is our calling from God to help churches to mobilize the 92%.

For us in 2015, that means ministry to men and by men. It means helping churches to call and gather mentors in local schools or in feeding the hungry kids there. We will teach and train Biblical leadership to local marketplace leaders so that they are equipped to share their faith.

For you – the willing and obedient – we need help engaging the 92% and pushing our message out. Please forward this email or follow/share us on Facebook or Twitter. We long for your prayers. Please pass us along in your prayer chains.

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