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Mayor Condon has named April ‘Spokane Gives Month’ – calling on Spokane citizens to do active service projects throughout the month of April – and he has designated the first week as ‘Faith Week’.

C’mon Spokane Church! Let’s show our community how much we love them. (Living out “We love because he first loved us.” ~ 1 John 4:19)

The ‘Faith Week’ subcommittee has chosen to accomplish this request by impacting our local schools! ‘Faith Week’ happens to be Spring Break for most Spokane area schools (April 1-7). Spokane Public Schools has specifically told us that ‘staff appreciation’ is a high need! 

We are asking Spokane church congregations to impact their local school by showing staff appreciation (we can help)! In particular, Spokane Public Schools have identified gift bags or gift baskets. We will create a list of ideas for these baskets and get those ideas out to you. If you’d like to participate or plan to do so, please let us know at

Spokane Public Schools list without a church to assist them:

Adams Elementary 2909 E 37th Ave
Bemiss Elementary 2323 E Bridgeport Ave
Cooper Elementary 3200 N Ferrall St.
Eagle Peak School 6903 E 4th Ave
Garfield Elementary 22 W Knox Ave
Indian Trail Elementary 4102 W Woodside Ave
Libby Center 2900 E. 1st Ave
Lincoln Heights Elementary 3322 E 22nd Ave
Longfellow Elementary 800 E Providence Ave
Madison Elementary 319 W Nebraska Ave
Moran Prairie Elementary 4224 E 57th Ave
Mullan Road Elementary  2616 E 63rd. Ave
Woodridge Elementary 5100 W Shawnee Ave

Here’s a list of great, creative ideas for school staff appreciation:


  • Create Appreciation “Door Decoration” posters door-deco-posters
  • Gift cards with embellished cards
    • “Let’s TACO ‘bout how awesome you are” w/ Mexican food gift card
    • Wish there was “SUBWAY” to thank you- with Subway gift cards
    • Thanks for being an amazing teacher with Amazon gift card
  • Painted flower pots
    • Painted red with bottom on top with pencil stuck through with a green leaf cut out (also works great with mason jars) pot-w-pencil
    • Plant seeds in pots; ruler stuck in dirt with card: “Thank you for helping our students grow”
  • You’ve been “mugged”: a coffee mug, stuffed with notes of encouragement, snacks/candy, etc.
  • Snack “Packs” for breakrooms
    • We need s’more staff like you: with graham crackers, chocolate bar, and a giant marshmallowpot-w-ruler
    • Water bottles with tea packets with a note “TEA-riffic person” or coffee packets “thanks a LATTE”
    • Fruit with notes attached with rubberband: Pears- you are “pear”fect, apples- you are the apple of my eye, bananas- we are bananas for you, plum- you are plum perfect!, cuties/clementines- write uplifting messages or pictures with sharpie
    • Chips- You’re all that! (and a bag of chips)
    • Soda- You are SO-DA bomb!
    • Donuts- “we ‘donut’ know what we would do without you!”
    • Candy- tons of ideas:
    • Popcorn- just popping by to say thanks!
    • Nut- we are nuts about our teachers/staff
  • Make candles- “A good teacher is like a candle- it consumes itself to light the way for others”.
  • Make “treat yourself” kits, fill with goodies and self-care items; homemade bath bombs
  • Decorate the sidewalks with chalk artwork
  • Build “Free Little Library” and paint/decorate it. Host a book drive and create bookmarks for the books.
  • Build “Free little pantry” or “give box”. Host a food or clothing drive to stock for children in need. Often teachers buy shoes, jackets, and meals for their students. When students feel confident they do better in school and teachers can spend more time helping all in the classroom succeed.
  • Create “open when…” envelopes: open when… you’re having a bad day- inside the envelope is a pick-me-up message
  • Host a lunch party: volunteers can serve lunch to staff, hold activities, photo booth- to celebrate
  • Create lanyards or key holders out of fabric, “you are the key to success”
  • Make homemade bird seed feed, “Thank you for helping our children suc”Seed”
  • Make paper flowers to remind staff all year round they are appreciated
  • Host a baking party- stuff cookies (and other goodies) into decorated mason jars/cans… “If you give a teacher a cookie”
  • Soap and sanitizer, cleaning goods drive


  • The world needs hundreds of thousands more people like you. –Evette Carter
  • It’s not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that counts. –J.M. Laurence
  • Kind people are the best kind of people. –Unknown
  • Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart, and nourish your soul. – Unknown
  • What you are will show in what you do. –Thomas Edison
  • We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.
    –J.F. Kennedy
  • The effect of one good-hearted person is incalculable. –Oscar Arias
  • Some people are so much sunshine to the square inch. –Walt Whitman
  • A Thousand Thanks. –William Shakespeare
  • The truest greatness lies in being kind. –Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  • It takes a BIG heart to help shape little minds.
  • You may not see the fruit of today’s work but you have seeded a lifetime of knowledge.

Final Thoughts:

  • Our congregations are a very strong resource full of creative and motivated people. More innovative solutions will come directly from those who interact with the schools and understand the needs of their immediate community. Please also feel free to consult with the Principals of the local school.To find volunteer opportunities, click the button below!



April is ‘Spokane Gives’ Month – C’mon Church!