Who is GSAE?

We are evangelical men and women who long to be effective on a collective basis causing and creating spiritual change within our culture.

We exist to bring Christ’s church together through:

  • Evangelistic outreach
  • Creating healthy pastors/congregations
  • Being the Evangelical voice in the community

Why does GSAE exist?

The GSAE exists for the sole purpose of calling the evangelical fellowships together for the propagation of the Gospel in a unified effort across the Greater Spokane area.

The following statement summarizes our approach to ministry:
“In essentials unity.  In distinctives liberty.  In all things charity.”

Why should a local pastor partner with GSAE?

  • Christ called us to minister in partnership with one another. One can not do the work alone.  We need each other.  GSAE is our connection with other colleagues in ministry.
  • In the field, the  GSAE opens up the eyes of the pastors to recognize that we do have much in common.
  • The GSAE is a tremendous networking source for churches, pastors, para-church organizations, and all followers of Christ.
  • The GSAE brings churches, pastors, and congregations of believers into fellowship with each other through planned community events.
  • The GSAE provides pastors and churches with needed resources.

Why should a local church partner with GSAE?

  • The GSAE is the connecting point to what is happening in the Inland Northwest.
  • The GSAE gives the local fellowship ownership in a local missionary.

How can a person get involved and help with upcoming GSAE events?

  1. Attend an event to see if this is something you believe God is calling you to participate in.
  2. Be a liaison from your fellowship back to the leadership of the GSAE sharing what is happening as well as what people are saying about ministry within the local church.   Hearing from the “layperson’s” ears is a great way to be involved with the GSAE.
  3. Pray for us.  We covet your prayers and God’s leading in our work.
  4. Donate online.

Who are the current executive board members of GSAE?

Our current members of the Leadership Team are as follows:

Anthony V. Carollo, Executive Director, GSAE
Dr. Bob Smith of Mt. Spokane Church
Pastor Cary Peden of the Fellowship Church of God
Pastor Mark Wheeler of Lidgerwood Presbyterian
Dave Nerren, Owner, Lexington Homes
Dallas Low, Owner, Golden Rule Brake
Derek Cutlip, Safe Families for Children
Perry Underwood, President, Electronic Based Marketing

These men give up numerous hours to the GSAE ministry by attending the monthly Executive Leadership team meeting, by attending the various events, researching and collecting information for the GSAE ministry and by meeting with the Executive Director.